The Differences between One-Off Cleaning and After Tenancy Cleaning Services

The Differences between One-Off Cleaning and After Tenancy Cleaning Services

Sometimes it becomes quite challenging for the house maker to do groceries and other household chores together in a short time. There lie some house tasks which require attention and are only possible to do at the weekend and that are domestic cleaning. For some people cleaning is a difficult task. Due to busy workdays, it becomes complicated for the house makers to make out time for deep cleaning, and therefore they like to call professionals for it.

One off Cleaning Services

The procedure of a one-off cleaning service incorporates the perfect cleaning of your whole flat, office, or home. The professionals will come to your home and will clean all the accessible surfaces, including the floors and skirting boards. The entrance area and all the rooms will be cleaned. One-off cleaning service is significantly suitable and feasible for all those people who do not prefer domestic cleaning on a regular basis, maybe due to busy working days or because of any other reason. Generally, these services are rendered according to the hours that are needed to clean the whole space.

The following is the task list that is included in the process of one-off cleaning process:

One off cleaning for bedroom

Well, bedrooms in a home are one of the most used areas; also, deep cleaning such rooms on a regular basis is next to impossible. You may have children in your home who might have painted the walls of their rooms with their drawings, and it is reasonable to think that that you won’t be cleaning it daily. Listed below are some tasks that the professional cleaners will perform while cleaning your bedroom. These tasks can get altered according to different spaces like hallways, bathrooms, and toilets, etc.:

  • Floors are mopped or hovered
  • All the skirting are cleaned
  • Doors are wiped, and marks (if any) are removed
  • Cleaning of all the mirrors
  • Furniture is dusted and polished if required.
  • Switches and all the light fittings and fixtures are cleaned.
  • Window ledges will be dusted.
  • It includes removing all the cobwebs from the ceilings and from all the reachable areas.

Benefits of One-off Cleaning Services

Now let us see some advantages of deep cleaning that you will get from one-off cleaning:

You will have a lot more time

One of the best parts of hiring professional cleaners is that you can make time for other essential things as well. You can enjoy the time with your friends, children, and spouse because cleaning requires time, and you can save it when you have professionals.

Perfect solution

If your home has stubborn stains and marks that you are unable to clean, then going for one off cleaning could be an ideal solution for you. This is so because the team comes with all the equipment, tools, and required materials that are demanded in a deep cleaning process.

Now, if you are a tenant or landlord, then you must know that it is generally the tenant’s obligation to leave the house in a neat, clean, and tidy position after you decide to move out. This is known as the end of tenancy cleaning or after tenancy cleaning, which is now provided by many professional cleaning companies.

End of Tenancy Cleaning or After Tenancy Cleaning

When you decide to leave the house of your landlord, one of the requirements that you need to fulfill is to leave the premises clean and in a ready position for the next or new tenants. This may include removing grime and grease from the kitchen oven, and from everywhere it has accumulated over the years, removing all the food items and other stuff from the freezer, refrigerator, and other cupboards.

Scrubbing, cleaning, and sanitizing all the floors, furniture, windows, doors, and the ceiling is also a part of the end of tenancy cleaning or after tenancy cleaning. Clean and tidy carpets are expected by the landlord when you decide to leave the home. Well, cleaning carpets, garage, and other parts of the property are also included in the deep cleaning process of end of tenancy cleaning.

Following is the task list that is included in the process of end of tenancy cleaning:

  • Cleaning of all the internal windows
  • Vacuum cleaning of all the soft furnishings.
  • Cleaning of the skirting boards
  • Cleaning, polishing, and de-scaling of all the toilets and sinks
  • Cleaning of light switches, light fittings, light shades, and light sockets.
  • It involves polishing and cleaning the furniture, i.e., wardrobes, chest of drawers, tables, bookshelves, chairs, and so on.
  • Inside and out, the cleaning of the washing machine, refrigerator, and tumble dryer, etc. are also included.

Benefits of End of Tenancy Cleaning or After Tenancy Cleaning

The Following are some benefits of after tenancy cleaning. The cleaning is done by professionals who will come to your home and make it ready to use for the next tenant. Let us have a look at benefits in detail

No complaints

You will not have any complaints from your landlord and from the next tenant who will acquire the premise. This is because the cleaning is done by a team of professionals. And you will be able to hand over a neat and tidy home to your landlord.

Saves money

If you think that the end of tenancy services will cost you a significant amount, then you are wrong with your perception here. If you decide to buy cleaning equipment and do the deep cleaning on your own, that will cost you much in terms of money and time both.

Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong to take help from the professionals as it is important to have a tidy and clean home. Cleaning home seems to be even more tiresome when you want to shift into a new home, and when your home needs to get cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. In both cases, when you want to move and when you want to have a deep cleaning session, you may require hiring professional cleaners who can provide you with one off cleaning services and end of tenancy cleaning services. You can call the professional cleaners, and then you do not have to worry more about cleaning.

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